About Rob Storey

Owner Rob Storey has an excellent track record of having constantly achieved success in a variety of industries, organisations, business and education scenarios and contexts.

Committed to excellence Rob has operated succesfully at UK, regional and national levels, and has worked on european and international projects too.

Rob has held numerous senior career roles and responsible positions, has contributed effectively to many strategic groups, holds various Professional Institution memberships including Chartered Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Personel & Development (CIPD), and has achieved qualifications up to Masters Level in subjects including human resource management, organisational development, management, quality assurance, health & safety, training & development, personnel and education.

However, Rob’s genuine interest in others, and his ability to motivate and earn their respect are what make him ideally suited to helping people and organisations succeed; something regularly commented upon as a major strength by peers and clients alike; as demonstrated in selected references listed on the ‘testimonials page‘. 

Rob Storey Bio