Testimonial 6

I worked with Rob for a number of years when I was employed at One NorthEast, Cogent SSC & Universities for the NE, particularly in engaging employers with the Higher Level Skills agenda. What stood out for me was his flexibility, and his desire and ability to support my agenda but not lose sight of his own objectives and targets.

Partnership working is a real strength with the interpersonal skills to keep agendas moving forward. A ‘listener’ who considers the views of others and who cares about his professionalism and ensuring he delivers his part of any agreement.

Extremely knowledgeable about the many sectors he worked with and the training and development solutions they required, tailoring such provision wherever requested or needed. Rob also has wide experience of dealing successfully with a range of employers which I viewed on a first hand basis on many occasions.

Rob was also seen by a wide range of stakeholders (employers, universities, colleges, private training providers) and partners as an expert in his field, he is authorative in his approach, a highly effective team player, responsive and flexible, conscientious, he sets high standards for himself and others, he is hard working and conscientious and as an added bonus is a real pleasure to work with.

Rob is a real asset to employers in the North East who are seeking to improve their competitiveness. I strongly recommend Rob, and sincerely hope that at some point in the future I can work with him again.